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About Mounir Master Class

What will you learn from the Mounir Master Class?

Unarguably, Mounir as an ARTIST developed a unique authentic identity in the world of hair designing leaving a mind-blowing, genuine, global impact on the way hair is colored.

Mounir as a MENTOR highlights in his master classes how to achieve the right business mindset and advises on leadership skills. The world is full of hair designers who are capable and have the potential to reach their horizons; they only need empowerment and guidance. Mounir will guide you on the steps of becoming a successful entrepreneur and acquire the personality needed to excel in this field. Now more than ever, Mounir is working on instilling the four mindset pillars to be on top of this business: Growth, Learning, Deliberative and promotional mindsets. Mounir instills these qualities in addition to academic development through physical master classes and online education to add value, uplift the standards of the coiffure in all corners of the world.

Besides getting to learn modern advanced techniques to help you approach hair in all its various subjects, you will have the chance to get inside the head of one of the most successful inspirational leaders. You will learn how to troubleshoot common challenges. You will learn to use your imagination. You will learn to be involved. You will learn to think from several perspectives. You will learn to adapt to new challenges. You will learn to believe in your uniqueness. You will learn to shape the image and even the personality of your customers. You will learn to lose your negative beliefs. You will learn how to become limitless.

It does not end here, Mounir is keen to secure that every attendee fully understands what was given through the masterclass by adding extra time to individually clarify points that were not fully captured. Following up across the different social media platforms to troubleshoot real-life beauty challenges, has been part of Mounir’s masterclasses and his online educational platform presented through the mentoring program. Many of his students seek advice while working on clients’ hair, others get constructive comments on their videos posted on social media, but most importantly every question is paralleled with an answer.

Take a look at Mounir’s previous master classes in Paris, Istanbul, and Excel London.

  • To learn how to transform ANY hair like Mounir.
  • To style.
  • Select and execute the perfect style that embosses your color design.
  • To enhance or improve your talent and career as a hair designer.
  • Choose the technique that helps you protect the hair from breaking.

BONUS Documents: All attendees, no exceptions, will collect a printed document with SECRET formulas, challenging cases troubleshot, & many more useful tips that’ll help you overcome any obstacle.

Extended hours: For the first time ever, Mounir will present an 8-hour master class instead of 6 hours to make sure to cover a load of information, new techniques & trends.

The Mounir School master class is not complete without:

  1. A Certificate of completion.
  2. A photo with Mounir.
  3. The Masterclass will be conducted in Arabic and translated into English, Greek, Hungarian and Romanian.
  4. Goody bags.
  5. A Mounir Masterclass Notebook and pen.
  6. Mounir’s Army cap.
  7. Food & Drinks.

Additional notes:

  1. All tickets Types holders will have a perfect view of the demonstrations & show.
  2. No food to be consumed inside the venue / No smoking inside the venue.
  3. We are taking all safety measures and precautions for COVID-19 inside the venue.

Spoiler Alert:A number of winners will be rewarded with SURPRISE gifts from the vast MOUNIR WORLD. Anonymous attendees will get the chance to win Mounir Education Online Academy tickets, Mounir products, Mounir accessories, unannounced novelties, and much more surprises! From a hair designer to the hair designers!

We don’t compete against each other, we don’t despise each other but we support, we help, we encourage each other. We compete only with ourselves to be better hair designers we may get inspired, influenced by each other. However, the goal is to achieve your desired you. So do not hesitate to teach, assist, give your colleagues, employees, and partners. Because this is the right path to success when you give, you always search for a fill-up.